Friday, February 28, 2014

Across a Star-swept Sea

Across a Star-swept Sea By: Diana Peterfreund

Persis Blake has a lot to loose.  She lives in Albion, and is working hard to rescue people from Galatea.  After the war destroyed the planet, there are two sides, one will make people loose their minds, while another is trying to save them.  Persis is The Wild Poppy, and she runs rescue operations to bring people from Galatea to Albion in secret.  Her own mother is suffering from the Reduction, and Persis is afraid she will one day suffer too.  To throw people off her trail, she works hard at being a silly socialite.  But one day Justen shows up, he is a noble from Galatea, seeking refuge from Galatea. He knows he is the cause of a lot of human suffering and just wants to make it right. Persis and Justen are forced to pretend to be in love, neither of them truly knowing what the other is capable of.

I loved this story just as much as the first book For Darkness Shows the Stars.  They are not directly connected to each other but are about the same time in the life of Earth.  I really enjoyed the character Persis, because even though it was hard for her to do what she did, she was able to pull it off.  She also showed that she needed others, but didn't want to burden them.  It really was just a great story of fighting evil, and trusting others.

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-006-200616-5

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