Saturday, February 1, 2014


Coraline By: Neil Gaiman Illustrations by: Dave McKean

Coraline likes adventure, and always wants to go on one. But when the weather is not good for adventures she counts the doors and windows in her new flat.  She finds one door though that leads to a brick wall, that is until one day when it leads to a house just like her own. But on this side of the door, things are different, and there is a new mother that really wants her to stay.  Coraline finds that her parents are missing, and there are other children on this side of the wall that need her help to escape.  Now Coraline must make every effort to get back home, and rescue the others too.

This was a creepy children's book. Perfect for those readers who love a good spooky story. Coraline is a strong little girl and makes the perfect heroine. The "other" mother is  a very scary lady with button eyes and Coraline is strong to defend herself against her.   The illustrations in this book are also very creepy and seem to move.  Every element of this book makes for a great scary adventure. This book was also made into a movie in 2009, I might check that out.

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-380-97778-9

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