Friday, May 25, 2012

Some Dog

Some Dog By: Mary Casanova Pictures By: Ard Hoyt

George loved his life as a dog. He loved his family. He had a special spot in all his favorite places, that is until Zippity showed up.  Zippity was loud and moved very fast and George felt replaced.  One night Zippity went missing during a very bad storm.  George's family asked him to do what he did best and find Zippity.  George rose to the challenge and from then on Zippity and George were never apart.

I love this book. It has a sweet story of friendship and love.  The illustrations are fantastic and so great to look at. The kids that I read this to in my fourth and fifth grade class loved the pictures to and asked me to slow down so they could look at them more. My children at home think that George is a great friend to Zippity and love to hear the story over and over.

I purchased this from Scholastic.
ISBN: 978-0-374-37133-3

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