Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Small Persons with Wings

Small Persons with Wings By: Ellen Booraem

Mellie Turpin has always see faeries, They do not like to be called that though so they are called small persons with wings.  She tried to tell her friends when she was little but then her best friend, a small person with wings, turned into porcelain.  She never forgot this and so is surprised when her family moves into her grandfather's house after he passes on that her whole family can see them.  AND that there are some small persons with wings that are not out for good but for evil. Can she protect her family and figure out just what these fairies want?

This was a pretty good book. I would not say that I loved it but it was a good read. It had mystery and a little magic.  I liked the main character and felt sorry for her that the other kids around her called her fat. I think that it is a horrible thing for kids to do to another peer.  I liked that the small persons with wings were very outspoken and the nice ones anyway were out to make her life more pleasant. Great read for fourth through about seventh grade I think.

I was given this by a student.
ISBN: 978-0-545-43931-2

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