Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mythos Academy

First Frost, Touch of Frost, and Kiss of Frost  By: Jennifer Estep

Gwen has a a super power. By touching things and people she can see things and feel their emotions. This power is not always a great one to have because she sees things that she does not always want to see, and so she tries to avoid touching anyone.  In Touch of Frost Gwen looses her mother and is sent to Mythos Academy where she feels out of place because she is not as powerful as those around her. But when a student is murdered she is out to find out why and in turn puts herself in dangers path.  She meets Logan who she has feelings for and thinks he likes her too, but he is not on the same page as her.  But Gwen is able to make some friends and finally feels like she has  a place at the Academy. In  Kiss of Frost with he new friends she heads off to the Winter Carnival for a fun time. But after an avalanche that nearly kills her she knows someone is out to get her.  She tries to figure out who is trying to hurt her and finds out some interesting facts about one of her Spartan trainers.  Again Gwen is forced to fight for her life but finds that she has a new way to tap into the powers of others and that gives her an edge in the battle.

I liked these books a lot!  They are perfect for high school readers and have a ton of action and teen drama.  I think the characters are well developed and the relationships make it a perfect young adult read. The idea that there is a school for kids with super powers where they continue to fight for the mythological gods to keep balance in the world is fantastic.  The third book comes out next month, I am going to be reviewing that one for VampChix Bite Club so look for that in the future. :)

 I purchased First Frost on Amazon

I borrowed  Touch of Frost and  Kiss of Frost from the public library. ISBN: 978-0-7582-6692-7; 978-0-7582-6694-1

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