Friday, November 4, 2011


Moosetache By: Margie Palatini  Illustrated By: Henry Cole

Moose has a big problem!! He has a huge Moosetache. It gets in his way every where he goes and with everything he tries to do. He has tried everything to get rid of the moosetache and have a normal moose life of cooking, skiing, and dancing. It isn't until he meets with a huge bouffant that he is able to live his life, and live it he does with her of course!!  The secret is in the glue! :)

I love this book. It is one of my kiddos favorites.  It is funny to read alone or out loud.  The pictures make the book so lovable.  The character of Moose is fun to see, his hair is really big. My favorite part is when the animals take nest in his moosetache. My kids favorite part is when the moose get married and dance.  All around awesome book. And there are more books about Mr. and Mrs. Moose that you should read too!

I bought this in the Scholastic Book Order.
ISBN: 0-590-53827-6

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