Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brian Selznick

The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This is the story of Hugo Cabret, a young man who lives to be not seen. He takes care of the clocks in the clock tower and stays hidden.  But when a old toy selling man and a young girl come into his life he is no longer able to keep to himself.  He must work with them to solve a mystery and find out more about the toy man that has been around him his whole life.  Can he work with others to figure out the ending of his story?

This is the story of a boy named Ben who just wants to find out who his father is.  His mother has passed away and he is living every day with his aunt and uncle, who take wonderful care of him, make him miss her more.  He decides to run away to New York to find his father with only a book and a bookmark to lead him to the right place.  It also is the story of a young girl who wants to belong to someone and feel wanted instead of trapped in a house where nobody wants her.  Both of these young people live in different times and are connected by being deaf children, but is there more for them?

Both of these books were magical and beautiful. They were told in words and pictures. They look overwhelming when you first pick them up based on the size of the novels. They are really not that long but are filled with original art works that can take your breath away.  Both novels are beautiful in their own way, due to wonderful story telling, and artwork.  I think that at times the pictures tell more than the words because they are so detailed and expressive. I believe these would be great books for mature elementary readers and older. Beautiful books!

I borrowed The Invention of Hugo Cabret from a friend. ISBN: 978-0-439-81378-5
I borrowed Wonderstruck from the public library. ISBN: 978-0-545-02789-2

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