Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bigger Than a Bread Box

Bigger Than a Bread Box  By: Laurel Snyder
Rebecca knows there is something wrong between her parents.  She is still caught off guard when her mom tells her that they are leaving and going to stay with her grandma for a while. Then she finds out that her mom means for a long while.  She wishes she could go home, and runs to hide in the attic.  In the attic she finds a bread box, this is a magic bread box that gives her things that she wishes for.  She doesn’t even think about it and continues to wish for things that she wants or think she needs. When she realizes she does not know where the things are coming from, because the jacket she wishes for is actually stolen from the girl at school who she wants to look like, things begin to unravel.  On her way to return a special spoon she is accused of grave robbing by an elderly woman and locked in her basement. The police come and get her but they take her to the child protection place.  Will her parents work together to find her, and can they be a  family again?

I thought that this book taught a good lesson. That no matter what your circumstances are there are choices that you make that will determine your future.  Rebecca didn’t think about what she was doing because she was lost in feeling sorry for herself. All she cared about was getting her parents together again and returning home even if it was not the right thing to wish for. She did feel bad when she realized she was stealing things that were magically appearing from the bread box and so she learned a great life lesson. Great read for middle school age and up!

I borrowed this book from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-375-96916-4

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