Friday, November 11, 2011

Library Lion

Library Lion By: Michelle Knudsen  Illustrated By: Kevin Hawkes

A lion has walked into the library! Nobody knows what to do, but the head librarian Miss Merriweather says that as long as he is not breaking any rules he may stay. And stay he does he sleeps, listens to story time, cleans, and helps children reach the books they cannot.  Miss Merriweather and the lion become great friends and one day Miss Merriweather gets hurt, in his haste to get help the lion Roars as loud as he can, Mr. McBee does not understand and sends him out of the library.  Miss Merriweather is okay with just a broken arm, but the lion does not return.  They are so sad to see him gone and look for him at the library everyday. Finally Mr. McBee decides to go look. He finds the lion and apologizes to him for yelling at him, and tells him that he was right to roar for help. The lion returns and everyone is happy.

I like this book for its messages.  That there are times to break the rules when others need help. And for admitting that you made a mistake and finding the person to say sorry to.  I think that the pictures are beautiful and lovable.  Great read to any listener.

I dont remember where I purchased this book.
ISBN: 076362262-1

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