Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Vanished Books 1-4 by: Met Cabot (writing as Jenny Carroll)  Jessica Mastriani is a typical high school girl who has some anger management issues. Most of the time this is about people making comments about her best friend Ruth or her brother Douglas who has been diagnosed with a mental disorder. She is serving a year long after school detention stint because when she gets mad she usually hits someone.  She tells her parents that she has joined the band and so far they have not figured out the truth.  One day while walking home with her friend Ruth, they get stuck in a thunderstorm, and so they run to the worst place they could, under the bleachers. Here Jessica gets struck by lightning and that is when her normalish life goes to abnormal. Jessica finds out that after her lightning experience she now has the ability to find missing children.  If she sees a picture of a child that is missing she will dream about them at night and in the morning she knows the exact place that they are located. Think of how much this can help the government. So these special government agents come and take her away. She then escapes from them and then tells them that her powers have gone away just so that they leave her family alone.  But do they really? No and the books are all full of her adventures with finding people, dealing with her family that is not so normal, and trying to make Rob love her back.  I loved this series. It was full of adventure and things that you do not expect to happen. Jessica consistently puts herself in dangerous situations so that she can help others and I really liked that about her character.  This is a great young adult series that anyone could get into really quick. The way that the stories are written you get hooked right away and do not want to put them down so that you can find out what happens. Jessica's character is fun to read about and you just hope for the best for her.

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