Friday, May 20, 2011

After Midnight

After Midnight: A Youngbloods Novel by: Lynn Viehl  Catlyn is tired of starting over. She has moved with her brothers many times and has been in 14 different schools. Finally her brother and guardian Patrick “Trick” has decided that they will stay in Lost Lake, Florida.  Cat really wants to be home schooled but her brother says no way, so her and her other brother Grayson head off for their first day of school together.  The first few days of school are not great for Cat as she seems to have made an enemy of the most popular cheerleader at school.  Then she sneaks out at night to ride her horse and meets Jesse Raven who she just can’t get out of her mind. She knows there is something different about Jesse and just can’t figure it out, (hint, he can only go out at night and the sunlight burns him). Then Cat finds out that her brothers have been keeping secrets from her about who her family really is that might keep her and her new friend apart.  While all these things are happening to Cat at home she is also feeling the stress of being an outcast at school.  The enemy of the cheerleader and the attention of the football star really start to get to her, then she finds out that he brother is dating the cheerleader. Many events lead up to a surprising twist at the end of the book that was great. I really liked the book for the many surprises at the end. At first I thought it was going to be a typical girl meets vampire and falls in love book like many that are out there right now, not that that is a bad thing because I like those books too. But at the end the Viehl created more depth because she threw in a few twists that I really didn’t see coming and really enjoyed, like Patrick having the ability to change and erase other people’s minds.  It will be interesting to see what other adventures Viehl creates for Cat and Jesse and to see if their bond really will hold up against what appears to be many people keeping them apart.
Thank you to my friend Anna Dougherty for sharing this book with me. 
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