Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Name is Maria Isabel

My Name is Maria Isabel by: Alma Flor Ada  Maria Isabel Salazar Lopez is nervous about starting her new school.  She is afraid to start after the school year has begun and doesn't want to go. When she gets to school her new teacher says that there are already two Marias in the class and she will be called Mary Lopez. This is sad for Maria because she likes her name because it was her grandmothers' names.  She is not in the school play because she is afraid to ask to be, and she is not a good listener in class because it is hard for her to remember to answer when the teacher calls her Mary.  At the end of the story she finally comes up with a solution. Again this book is a book in the reader for 4th grade. It is a great story about not being afraid to tell someone who you really are and what you would like them to call you.  It would be a good story for a 4th grader, and even a 5th grader.

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