Saturday, May 7, 2011

Dragonfly: An Epic Adventure of Survivial in Outer Space

Dragonfly: An Epic Adventure of Survival in Outer Space By Bryan Burrough   This book is a document of the American and Russian space travels to the MIR Space station from 1192-1997.  It tells the story of the American and Russian astronauts that were living on the space station at that time.  It documents the history of the two countries working together/or not to send people to the MIR space station. It records the events of the astronauts dealing with a fire on board and the events of when the supply ship collided with the MIR causing much damage to the space station.  I will admit I did not read the entire book. It was very detailed in its descriptions and I found that it was hard to read. I did read the specific parts about the major incidents that occurred and am amazed that the astronauts were able to handle the situations they were faced with at all.  It was sort of interesting to see what was shared with different groups of people about what happened. It seemed that the Russians did not share as much because they wanted things to sound as if they went smoothly no matter what.  If you like documentaries this book would be a good choice for you. It really wasn't something I would read but I found parts of it interesting.

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