Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Peach Keeper

The Peach Keeper  By: Sarah Addison Allen  Willa Jackson is working in a nature store in the town of Walls of Water where she grew up. She is not exactly happy with the life that she is living but feels the need to make up for what she thinks made her Dad disappointed in her as a teen.  She is taking off guard by the events that occur when she is  invited to a gala at the former home of her grandmother.  She has no intention of going until some strange events begin to occur.  A boy from her high school shows up all grown up and shows an interest in her. His twin sister who is in charge of the event also places a personal invite into the invitation as it was their grandmothers who started the club that is being honored. Add a little mystery surrounding a skeleton uncovered at the house site, with some history that points to foul play and a little mystery begins.  I loved the book because it kept you guessing and hoping that the characters would find who they were and fall in love. This book is sure not to disappoint you.

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