Monday, April 25, 2011

She Walks in Beauty

She Walks in Beauty  by: Siri Mitchell  It is the 1890s and Clara Carter is told by her Father and Aunt that she will be debuting early.  She is surprised by this development and not prepared as she was planning to attend the university instead.  She is told that she must do this so that she can save her family's name and snag the heir of a great fortune. As her debut year progresses she is very confused about things and how her closest friend is behaving, and feeling very uncertain of what she really wants in life. She meets Henry  whom she has a lot in common with, but he is the brother of the man her aunt and father want her to marry. What choice will she make in the end? I really liked this simple quick love story. :) It made me happy I did not live in a time where marriages were made in this manner and sad for all the women who had to live this way, (especially the corsets!).  If you want a quick love story this is the one for you.

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