Monday, April 4, 2011

Romeo and Juliet Code

Romeo and Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone was a book about a girl who is sent to live with her aunt, uncle, and grandmother that she has never met in the United States. This book takes place during  World War II, and is an interesting story of a girl trying to figure out why her parents left her to live with people that she has never met and where they have gone off to.  She meets an interesting boy that lives in the house as well and they set off on an quest to find out what her parents are doing, they discover a code that her uncle and father are using to talk back and forth, and are able to figure out the secret about what her mom and dad are up to.  It is a surprising twist to what is going on.  In the end she finds out that she is loved and that who she thought her dad was really wasn't so.  It was a great book for 10-13 year olds.

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