Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Kiss in Time

A Kiss In Time by Alex Flinn Talia is a princess who never gets to do anything or be alone because of the curse placed on her as an infant.  She is never to touch a spindle for fear that she will fall into a deep sleep and have to wait for her true loves kiss.  Jack is a boy that is touring Europe and is bored until he goes off on his own and finds a place with a bunch of sleeping people. He decides to kiss the beautiful princess and is amazed when she wakes up. EVEN more amazed when he realizes he is stuck with her.  Talia is confused after sleeping for 300 years and waking up in a strange new world. This story follows them on their adventures to see if they really are true loves!  I thought this book was a funny retake on the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale.  It was full of humor and normal everyday teenage things.  Did they really fall in love in the end? You will have to read for yourself. I plan to go on and read the rest of Alex Flinn's different fairy tales so be ready for lots of reviews of her!!

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