Saturday, April 2, 2011

Greg Mortenson

SO I decided to start with two of my all time favorite books.  I read these a while ago, but they are still very important to me.  Three Cups of Tea and Stones Into Schools by Greg Mortenson are fantastic.  These books tell the story of Greg Mortenson's choice to empower girls in Pakistan and Afghanistan by building schools for them to attend.  What struck me about these books is the selflessness that Mr. Mortenson shares, he starts with a failure to be able to accomplish what is is wanting to do, climb K2, and ends with changing the lives of many children.  These two books document his tremendous journey to help children with no schools, have a place to learn and thrive. The stories of where children are attending school, or not attending,  are heartbreaking when we think of all the things that we take for granted here in the United States. The stories of the trials that he faced in creating schools and making these schools happen despite them are tremendous.  I also was struck by how thankful each and every person that he helped was, they really wanted these schools and were willing to do what they had to to get them built.  Then when they were done the joy that the people had for just a building for them to use and learn in was tremendous. Mortenson's willingness to put himself into harms way at times and to be away fro his family to help these children is tremendous and the wonderful gift of learning that he gave these students in a country where most people do not want to go is fantastic.  I recommend these books to anyone who wants to see what the power of learning really is and what you can do for others if you just give of yourself.

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