Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Magnificent 12: The Call

Magnificent 12: The Call By: Michael Grant

Mack has a problem, he cannot stop getting in trouble. And he loves to stick up for himself against the bullies. One day he embarrasses a bully really well, and knows that he is in for it. But a man name Grimluk comes into Mack's life, he tells Mack that he is there to take his place, because Mack is part of an ancient group that is going to have to fight a terrible evil. Mack is shocked and isn't quite sure that he should accept his destiny.

This was a great read for upper elementary and middle school readers. Full of action and adventure, that real kids can enjoy.  It was nice that Mack was not your typical hero, as he had a lot of average qualities.  I am hoping that my 4th grader will enjoy this series.

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-06-183366-33

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