Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Code Talkers

Code Talkers By: Joseph Bruchac

This is a novel about the Navajo people that became the code talkers during WWII.  It starts with their journey to the boarding schools where they were forced to give up their native language and ways to become more like the white people.  Some of the men and women went into the marines.  Because of their fierce loyalty and dedication, the Navajo people made very good soldiers.  When the United States needed a code to block the enemy from learning their plans they turned to the Navajo Marines to make a code that only the US could understand.

I really loved this book. I always find historical fiction intriguing.  It makes me sad the way we as a country treated people when we came to their land, and their homes.  I also found this story, told as a grandfather would tell his grandchildren fascinating. A young boy who has been treated badly by soldiers decides to fight for the country that tried to change him, and does a great job doing it.

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 0-14-240596-5

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