Monday, December 30, 2013

Killer Species

Killer Species Menace From the Deep   By: Michael P. Spradlin

Emmet is moving again, his father is a biologist and so they move around where his dad is asked to work.  Emmet hates moving and especially now since his mother is gone.   He meets Calvin and they become friends, but as their parent's research continues they find a strange new species and a crazy man behind them. Dr. Catalyst wants to ride the Everglades of harmful species and so he has created monster creatures. He uses these creatures to fend off people he believes are in his way, and he is now focused on Emmet, Calvin and their parents.

Killer Species Feeding Frenzy By: Michael P. Spradlin

Dr. Catalyst is back in this next thriller adventure. This time he has moved to the water to create a dangerous type of fish.  He is out to get back at Emmet and his family again, and so he targets them each time he releases his fish.  Emmet thinks he has figured out just who Dr. Catalyst is though, and so he leads the chase to find him. Especially after Dr. Catalyst takes Emmet's dog.

These two books are perfect for any reader who likes thrillers, and  science fiction all in one. I know that readers will instantly like Emmet, and feel an instant creepiness  about Dr. Catalyst.  Being a book for upper elementary and middle school readers, this book is definitely a good one. It has the creepy element of the bad guy narrating some chapters and the good guys having no idea what is going on, but you know.  I know my son will love them.  The adventure does continue in the third book Killer Species Out For Blood

I purchased these books at the Scholastic Book Fair
ISBN: 978-0-545-56366-6 and 978-0-545-62200-4

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