Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Selection

The Selection By: Kiera Cass

America Singer has a secret, she is in love with Aspen, but he is not of her class and beneath her.  Her family wants her to enter The Selection that is being held by the royal family to find a princess for their Prince Maxon.   America does not want to enter, but after Aspen makes it known that he thinks she should and he will not continue to see her she goes ahead and signs up.  Of all the thousands of girls, America is randomly selected as one of the 35.  She does not think that it is a good thing and when she meets the Prince she tells him that she would rather be his friend and confidant. Little does she know that she might actually start to like him and she is afraid of being sent home. But then in a twist of fate things become more complicated then she expects. 

This was a perfect book for a lover of fairy tales.  It was a chance to see that fate may let you have what you think you do not want the most.  I loved that America was dead set against going through with the game and then finds herself in the midst of it all. The battle of her feelings plays out in the book as she tries to find her way and not loose who she thinks she wants to be.  Lovely story, and I cannot wait until the next book, The Elite comes out!!

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-06-205993-2

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