Sunday, February 10, 2013


Scarlet By: Marissa Meyer

Scarlet is looking for her grandmother.  She disappeared almost 3 weeks ago without even a note, and she knows that something is wrong.  In her search she meets Wolf, a fighter who seems to be following her, Scarlet knows she should not trust Wolf but she just cant seem to help it.  Cinder is going to break out of prison, she is beginning to understand how to use her Lunar skills. She is not prepared for meeting Thorne, a criminal mastermind, who turns out to be useful in escaping. While Scarlet continues to search for her grandmother, with Wolf's help, Cinder is also searching for her, but she needs information about her past as the missing Lunar princess.  Each of theses characters is searching for the missing piece in their puzzle and it leads them to each other. Hopefully they can both make it out alive, and stop the Lunar Queen from destroying everything.

The second installment in the Lunar Chronicles does not disappoint.  The twists on theses classic tales continues with Scarlet (Little Red) and Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf). I love Meyer's ability to make the tales come to live with the science fiction twists and turns.  An action packed adventurous book that I could not put down.  With the action comes the hints of the love stories underneath it all. Perfect teen read!!

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ISBN: 978-0-312-64296-9

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