Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alice in Zombieland

 Alice in Zombieland (The White Rabbit Chronicles, #1)

Alice in Zombieland By: Gena Showalter

Alice thinks her father is crazy, he won't allow anyone out of the house past dusk.  Her sister Em really wants to attend her ballet recital, so on her sixteenth birthday her family goes to the recital.  On their way home there is an accident and Alice wakes to see something attacking her family's bodies.  On her first day at her new school, Alice sees Cole, an has a strange daydream about him.  Her new friends tell her to stay away  from him but she cannot help but be drawn to him  Cole can see zombies, and he is one of a group of people that are fighting the zombies to keep them away.  They are drawn to Alice and soon she is in a battle to stay alive as the zombies are coming for her.

I do not usually read zombie books, but this one had me hooked from the beginning.  A perfect blend of creepiness and love story for me.   I loved Alice in that even though she lost it all she finds that there are things that are worth fighting for.  I also thought that she was a  brave character in that she was told to just go back to her world of not fighting and refused to let the monsters get the best of her, even when she gets hurt. Perfect read for high school readers, young adult fans, and zombie lovers!!  The next book in the series comes out in October, can't wait!!

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-979-21058-9

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