Thursday, July 19, 2012

Masters of Disaster

Masters of Disaster By: Gary Paulsen

This is the story of three friends who decide to make themselves famous by completing a few stunts and hoping to be in the book of records, and recreate scenes from the books they are reading in class. Led by Henry, Riley and Reed join up to do some pretty amazing things! These things unfortunately for Reed most end with him doing something crazy and ending up covered in poop.  But when the murder mystery presents its self to them, they just can't hold back and have to try to solve it!  Talk about one crazy time!

Honestly the cover alone called out to me and I thought this book was so funny. It is full of boys doing crazy stunts and getting into interesting situations. The writing shows such humor it made me laugh out loud.  I loved that the boys are so willing to do all these things and that Reed is always the victim of some kind of poop landing on him.  So funny.  I know, boy humor, but right up my alley, as I have three boys in my house and work with a bunch of fourth and fifth grade boys! :)  Perfect boy read.

I was given this as a gift.
ISBN: 978-0-545-43129-3

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