Monday, July 30, 2012


Flutter By: Erin E. Moulton

Maple's house is about to experience  a big change.  Maple's mother is having a baby and the baby comes way to early.  Grandma comes to stay with Maple and her two sisters, Dawn and Beetle.  But Maple hears that the baby is not doing well and decides that she is going to set out on her own for help from the Wise Woman who guards a pool in the woods.  Dawn finds out about Maple's plan and will not let her go alone. So the two girls set off together.  Little do they know of the danger they are putting themselves into. But they forge ahead to set off and save their little sister.

I loved this book for the willingness to be in harms way over the love of a sibling.  I thought the characters did the right thing by doing anything they could to help their new little sister. The characters were fun to read about because they had all the great sibling problems but showed so much love for each other. Great fourth or fifth grade read.

I was given this from a student.
ISBN: 978-0-545-45853-5

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