Thursday, July 26, 2012


Embrace By: Jessica Shirvington

Violet has never known her mother, and as her seventeenth birthday approaches and her father is more distant she misses her a lot.  She has always been alone, as her father worked long hours and she did not get along with her nannies. Recently she has moved schools, because of what a teacher did to her at her last school, and she has a new best friend Steph, and another good friend Lincoln.   Lincoln is much older and is helping Violet to hone her defense skills, but her feelings for him run a lot deeper.  But on her birthday she gets a strange note from her mom, and she begins to sense things around her are changing.  She finds out that Lincoln has been hiding his true identity and hers, and so she runs to her new friend Phoenix.  But will the choices she has to make be tainted by the friends that she holds dear, and will she make the right choices and accept her destiny?

I thought this was a great read for young adults, I would say out of high school, or mature high school readers.  I liked that the story was about an angel that didn't know she was one, and that she is given the choice to become what she was destined for or not.  The added two boys like one girl thing gave a lot of tension to the book, and being an avid reader you know that one of them is not the right guy for her. The cover illustration was very beautiful!  I also like how it was open ended and that there is another book Enticed to come!

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-1-4022-6840-3

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