Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth

Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth By: Jane O'Connor Illustrated By: Robin Preiss Glasser

Nancy Clancy wants to be just like Nancy Drew and solve mysteries. She has everything a good detective needs, even a trench coat!  Nancy and Bree try to find mysteries to solve around their neighborhood. They are having trouble finding things until their teacher, Mr. Dudeny, looses his very special marble. Nancy Clancy is on the case and boy is she surprised when she finds the marble, and even more surprised to find out what happened to it.

I loved this book. I am a HUGE Fancy Nancy fan and was so excited to find this chapter book.  It is perfect for about second and third grade readers that are past beginning chapter books.   I thought the character wanting to be like Nancy Drew was a great story and the fact that Nancy still has her same characteristics about telling the fancy words for things but doing it as a little older character now.  I really liked the mystery part and think that it is perfect for kids looking for a little mystery. 

I purchased this book at Costco
ISBN: 978-0-06-208293-0

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