Friday, June 8, 2012

Into The Woods

Into The Woods By: Lyn Gardner Pictures By: Mini Grey

Storm lives in Eden End with her sister, Aurora, and their parents.  Her mother does not do much of anything  but is expecting another child soon.  Their father does not pay any attention to them and really is detached from his family.  On the night the new sister is born Storm's mother passes away.  Their father cannot take his loss and so he leaves the family to themselves.  The baby still has no name so they name her Anything, as their father suggests.  The story gets interesting when their mother had given Storm a pipe and told her to protect her sisters.  A evil man named Dr DeWilde comes to get the pipe from Storm and the fight begins as they run away and are chased into the woods by the wolves.  Storm must figure out how to save herself and her family as they are being hunted.

I love this book!  It mixes all the fairy tales of childhood together into a very cleaver story.  As Storm and her sisters try to get away from Dr DeWilde more and more stories are introduced to you in a new way.  They end up in the Gingerbread house where Hansel and Gretel disappeared, they find out their mother is Rapunzel.  All sorts of good stories are in this book and their are told from different perspectives and intermingled. Great Book!  It is long at 438 pages so it would be for higher level fifth grade readers and perfect for middle school

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-385-75115-5

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