Monday, June 4, 2012

The Goddess Test

The Goddess Test By: Aimee Carter

Kate has been taking care of her very sick mother for the past year. As her mother is nearing the end of her time her only request is to move back to the town she grew up in. So Kate has relocated her life to Eden and is ready for the challenge.  But what Kate does not know is that it is more of a challenge than she thinks.  As she finds out that really she is being tested to be the bride of Henry, ruler of the Underworld.  She has to make the decision to help Henry and become his wife for six months out of the year or to try to go on with her life as it is, without her mother.  But the challenges of becoming a goddess prove a little harder than she thinks and the world around her becomes more of an illusion than reality.

I really wanted to love this book because it was pretty cool thinking that the gods were trying to find a mortal that could be worthy of being one of them.  I felt like I wanted more from the story though, it just seemed that important things happened without much information about it.  The book goes from Kate starting school and a girl that does not like her takes her into the woods and jumps and dies, so she makes a deal with Henry. The next day she realizes that she is now tied to him for six months of the year. For me it just happened to fast. Then I just felt like she was settling when she decided that to keep Henry alive she would go all out and love him and be his wife, it just was to out there. I didn't feel like the relationship was really based on love for her.  Like I said I really wanted to like the book and think that others may really like it, it just moved to quick without enough detail for me.  It is age appropriate for high school and older and I think that others may love it. There re more books in the series so maybe those will help me connect with the characters more and give me the feeling of understanding and knowing them.

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-373-21026-8

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