Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Crooked Kind Of Perfect

A Crooked Kind Of Perfect By: Linda Urban

Zoe wants to play the piano, but her father has other ideas. He gets her an organ.  While not really liking the organ she plays, as her father cannot leave the house for fear of a panic attack.  Zoe is not feeling like she fits in at school any more especially with her close friend, but she makes new friends that come to her rescue when she realizes that things may not be the way she thought they would, but they are perfect in their own way.  When she has to perform at her first organ program and her father must take her there they both conquer their fears together.

I thought that this was a cute book.  It was about learning that things may not go the way you thought but they can turn out just fine.  I thought that the way it was written in short little entries by the narrator you really get to know the character and feel what she is feeling. Great tween read.

I was given this by a student, because of the cover with toe socks on it.
ISBN: 978-0-545-09936-3

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