Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tall Tales With Mr. K

Tall Tales with Mr. K By: Kathy Sattem Rygg

This is the story of Mr. K. who is a third grade teacher at Coyote Run Elementary School, the students are nervous about having him because they have heard that he does things very differently.  The students are surprised to walk in and find that they have real apple trees in their classroom and that they will be sitting at picnic tables instead of desks. The best part about Mr. K is that each student gets to take a trip with him to a special place to learn something just for them. For example, one student gets to go on a hunt for pirate treasure, which helps him learn that he is good at decoding, so he is a better reader. Another student, Karly, gets to try her hand at trapeze, and then she decides that she can do the monkey bars.

I enjoyed this book for the message Mr. K told each of his students. He made them feel like individuals that were good at different things that they felt they were struggling with. I think that the lessons the students learn in this book would help students in classrooms realize the same thing.  I don't think that the writing in the book was spectacular and drew me in but I really liked the book anyway.  I think it would be  a fun book to read to any classroom as a read aloud for kids to hear the messages and then maybe have the kids find something they are not good at and think of what type of field trip would make them feel better about their struggle.

I purchased this book from, mainly because there is a teacher at my school named Mr. K, and I bought him one too. :)

ISBN: 9781466254635

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