Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Month of Sundays

A Month of Sundays By: Ruth White.

April Garnet Rose has never known her father so when her mother tells her that she is going to leave her with her father's family while she goes in search of a better job in Florida Garnet is not happy.  She is angry and feels strange when her mother drops her off at her Aunt June's house.  While she is there she starts to feel a part of the family but still is angry at her mother for leaving her. She finds out what it is like to have a family and finds a boy Silver that she spends a lot of time with. Her mother sends letters telling her she is going to send for her soon but Garnet is not really sure. Then one day her father August Rose shows up.  This makes her really confused because her father says he never knew anything about her. So she is faced with figuring out what really happened. Soon her mother returns to bring her home and then her father and mother are in the same house after so long apart. When a tragedy occurs with Silver April is now forced to face life and she is surrounded by the people she has come to know as family.

I do not know that I loved this book but it was good. It was a story of growing up and dealing with events in your life that you cannot change.  I thought the characters were developed nicely but I do not know that I connected with the book.  I think that it had a good plot and story line and I really wanted April's life to be better then she thought it would be. I did think that it was interesting that it took place in the 1950s because I don't  know that divorce was ever out there like it would be in a novel about today.

I picked this up at the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-374-39912-2

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