Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bloody Jack Adventures

This is my plug for the Bloody Jack Adventure Series by L. A. Meyer.  I have now read all of them and they are fantastic. They are about a girl named Mary Faber that hops on a ship one day and pretending to be a boy "Jack" so that she can be a ships boy.  She has many adventures that lead her to be a pirate, a naval officer, and many others jobs and misadventures.  She falls in love with Jaimy and things never seem to work out for the two of them. As soon as they think they can be together, they are separated by somethings else.  In the latest adventure Jacky Faber is feared dead after she is tossed from her ship in a storm.  She must find her way home and rescue her love Jamiy from certain death as he sets out to avenge her death and looses his mind.

I love this series.  I have read all nine of them and think that the characters are well played out.  They are fantastic adventure books and the main character Jacky always seems to always find her way out of the most difficult situations. I like how the characters can never seem to get what they are most looking for, even though I wish that they could just be together it makes for a great series. I would recommend these to any young adult looking for a great series.
Here is a link to the Bloody Jack Page that gives you a ton of info about the series and has a lot of cool stuff.

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