Saturday, December 10, 2011

Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25

Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25 By: Richard Paul Evans

Michael knows he is not to tell anyone of his abilities.  He has been hiding them his whole life.  He appears to be an average teenager with Tourette's syndrome. But there is more than meets the eyes. Michael has the ability to produce a electrical shock from his body.  Michael has only ever told one person about this, his best friend Ostin.  But when he gets in trouble again for being stuffed into his locker by three school bullies, he fights back when they attack him and shocks them all. The only witness to this event is Taylor, a cute cheerleader, with her own secret.  Taylor invites Michael over to her house to tell him that she too has a special power. Taylor and Michael become fast friends and they along with Ostin begin a club of special people called the Electroclan.  They do some research and they find that they were born a day apart in Pasadena.  Little do they know this leads the people who are tracking them right to them.  The adventure begins when Taylor and Michael's mother are kidnapped by Dr. Hatch.  Michael must find a way to save them.  He is lead right into the trap at the Elgen Academy.  Can Michael rescue Taylor and his mother without getting sucked into the trap there?

This is a great book. I was literally on the edge of my seat trying to finish it so I could see what was going to happen. I loved how it told the story through two characters when Taylor and Michael are separated.  We get to see what is happening to her at the Elgen Academy while he is trying to get there. I liked this characters in the book because they had a sense of honor to each other.  I also thought that the story line was fantastic, I am not a huge science fiction reader but this book really appealed to me.  I think that it is a great read for maybe mature middle school and older readers. As I think some kids in middle school would really enjoy it and even though the character is in high school there is nothing inappropriate about it.  And great news!!  There is another Michale Vey book.

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-1-4516-5650-3

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