Friday, June 13, 2014


Victory By: Susan Cooper

Molly is not happy to be living in the United States, she really wants to go back to her home in London. But her mother and step father have decided that Connecticut is where they should be. Sam didn't choose to be a sailor, he was snatched up and signed into service. He misses his home, but knows that this is probably a better life for him.  Neither of the two living 200 years apart know each other, but a chance find in an old store, Molly has a piece of Sam's life in her hands.  This piece of cloth, sends Molly on an adventure, and through Sam's life we see how the cloth got there.

I thought this book was really great. Perfect for upper elementary and middle school readers. It was packed with historical details, and told in a catching way.  I liked how the two character's lives were intertwined, even though they were so far apart.  Great read.

I purchased this book from the Scholastic Book Order
ISBN: 978-0-545-07438-4

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