Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Lemonade War & The Lemonade Crime

The Lemonade War & The Lemonade Crime By: Jacqueline Davies

Evan and Jessie are very close as brother and sister. That is until Jessie gets to skip third grade and gets placed in Evan's fourth grade class. Evan feels like he is not the smart one, and so he decides that instead of working together on their summer lemonade stand, he is going to go solo. This hurts Jessie's feelings and she does not understand what she has done wrong to make Evan treat her so poorly.  They come up with a plan to see who can make one hundred dollars the fastest.  Jessie's money gets stolen, and Evan feels lousy about it.  But when fourth grade starts, they know just who did it.  Jessie plans a trail for the accused, and Evan and her work out their issues to solve the crime. But sometimes people's lives are not what you think.

This was a great set of books, perfect for upper elementary readers.  I put them together because the second book is truly the end of the story, and you need to read them together. I enjoyed how well the siblings in this book got along, they were really friends.  I also thought that the was the author portrayed the bully gave a powerful lesson to readers. Sometimes the bully at school, really has a rough time at home and you should just be kind to them.

I borrowed these from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-618-75043-6  & 978-0-547-27967-1

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