Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Julian Chapter

The Julian Chapter By: R. J. Palacio

This is Julian's side of the story.  He is one of the most popular boys at school and he likes it that way. When Mr. Tushman asks him and the others to be nice to the new student, August, he is fine with it. But when he meets Auggie, and the nightmares return, he knows he has to do something about it.  He is not nice to Auggie, and ends up putting notes in Auggie's locker.  This gets him suspended, and makes his parents go nuts. As he spends the summer in Paris with his grandmother, Julian finds that maybe he should have done things differently. His grandmother's story of a boy who helped her in her past, just might change his mind.

When I read Wonder, I kept thinking, what is wrong with Julian? As a teacher, I know that sometimes when kids act a certain way around others, there might be something in their life that is causing the behavior.  This book shows that indeed, Julian probably did not start out trying to be the mean kid that he ended up, but that we didn't know his side of the story.  While there are no excuses for the behavior, it just took another to help Julian figure out what he was doing wrong, and isn't it great that we can always have a second chance.  Great Great Book

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