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Scarlet By: A. C. Gaughen

Will Scarlet is not a boy, she is a girl, and she is part of Robin Hood's band.  She works hard in her position as thief, and she gives back to those who need, even if it means that she will go without.  Robin, John, and Much know that she is who she is but none of them know her secrets.  That is until Gisbourne comes back, and is hunting her down, by killing thieves. She has to come clean with Robin, but she is also trying to fight off John's advances, and figure out what is going on with her and Robin. 

Lady Thief
     The sheriff is now dead, and Nottingham is seeking a replacement. This means that the nobles, including Prince John and Gisbourne are back.  Scarlet and Robin now know that they love each other, but things continue to stand in their way. Robin's nightmares are getting worse and he is attacking Scarlet often, but nothing is as bad as Gisbourne's claim to his fiance, Scarlet, and his ultimatum if she would like her marriage annulled.  Scarlet knows she has to meet his demands, and reenter the noble class that she left behind so that Robin and her can be together. But it just might prove to hard.

I loved these books.  I was instantly hooked. It paralleled the actual Robin Hood stories, with added twists. I think this is one of my favorite reads, I connected with Scarlet's character, and her need to help others, even sacrificing herself. I loved that despite all the things in her life, she was able to find a way to help others that needed things more than she did.  I was frustrated at the end of the second book as it is going to have to continue in another novel, but I will be watching for it!

I borrowed these from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-8027-3424-2 and 978-0-8027-3614-7

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