Monday, January 20, 2014


Graphic Forensic Science: Corpses and Skeletons: The Science of Forensic Anthropology By: Rob Shone Illustrated By: Nick Spender

This is a graphic novel about forensic science.  It is quite interesting.  It starts by talking about crime scenes and dead bodies and then in graphic novel form studies cases where forensics were used to solve murder.  The first case is from 1889 in France and tells the tale of a missing man, who using forensics was found to be murdered.  In another case from 2005, a body is found and using clay they reproduce the face of the skull and are able to find out who the body is.  This book is quite fascinating, and perfect for upper elementary and middle school readers.
I borrowed this from the GATE department in my district
ISBN: 978-1-4042-1441-5

24/7 Science Behind the Scenes Forensics: Skulls and Skeletons True-life Stories of Bone Detectives By: Danielle Denega

This is an informational book about forensics and how forensic anthropologists to their jobs.  The first part of the book defines the job and the vocabulary that goes with it.  Then it describes three cases where forensic anthropologists were able to help solve mysteries.  I thought the case of the Hardin Cemetery Flood was interesting, the anthropologists had to use their knowledge to help identify remains of hundreds after a cemetery was flooded and the bodies uncovered.  With its pictures and being packed with information this is another great book.
I was given this book by a friend.
ISBN: 978-00-531-26225-2

Both of these books were great!  I really don't like the subject of dead bodies,  but these made forensics quite interesting. I find it amazing what people can do with science to find out how people died, and help to solve crimes. 

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