Monday, November 11, 2013


Hero By: Alethea Kontis

Saturday Woodcutter continues to struggle with being the only person in her family that has no magical talent.  But she is determined to learn the skill of using swords.  Her plans go astray when her brother Trix uses a sleeping potion on her whole family, to run to where is mother has died.  Saturday attempts to chase after him, but is taken to the top of a mountain, captured by the witch who thinks that she is her brother, Jack.  She finds Peregrine there, who has been held captive for a very long time.  He is dressed as a girl because the witch believes he is her daughter.  Together they must find a plan and way to escape.

A great book, that continues the story in Enchanted. Saturday still proves to be a strong female character, who really is looking for a place to belong. I like that she finds Peregrine, who has no idea how long he has been gone and is still hoping to get back to his betrothed. Again, this book is able to mix many different fairy tales into one greatly unique story. 

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-544-05677-0

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