Monday, November 11, 2013

A Beautiful Dark and A Fractured Light

A Beautiful Dark By: Jocelyn Davies

Something is up, and Skye knows it, but she just cannot put her finger on it. Her friends have once again thrown her a party for her birthday that she did not ask for.  But this night is strange, and ends with an explosion after Skye meets Asher.  Asher and Devin do not get along at all, but both of them seem very intesrested in Skye. She does not understand their attention until more things begin to happen.  They tell her that she is the child that both sides of the angel world are wanting. She is the one in the middle of a battle and they are there to help her use her powers. But as these new things are happening to Skye, other parts of her life are falling apart and she does not know which side of the fight to join. All she knows is that she is torn between both Asher and Devin.

A Fractured Light 

After waking up from almost being dead, Skye is more confused than ever.  She at least is clear on what side of the coin she wants to fall on.  But as Asher helps her to continue to grow stronger, Skye knows that she has more than what is known. She begins to have visions and gains another new ability.  But her powers are very unstable and she will have to rely on the one person she does not trust.  Skye also learns more about her past, and is shocked about what she finds out. 

These are great teen reads.  So hard to describe in words without tell the whole story.  I defiantly enjoyed them and read them very fast.  The next book, A Radiant Sky, comes out soon and I cannot wait.  Skye is a character that I cannot wait to see what happens to her.

I borrowed these from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-06-199065-6 and 978-0-06-199068-7

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