Friday, November 30, 2012

The Time Traveling Fashionista

The Time Traveling Fashionista By: Bianca Turetsky

Louisa is a normal seventh grade girl. She worries about what she looks like, who her friends are, and is embarrassed by her family.  One thing about her though is that she loves vintage clothing and is so happy when she finds awesome clothes at thrift stores.  Her family and best friend do not share this love with her so she sometimes feels alone.  She receives a very interesting invitation for a vintage sale and decides to try it out.  Little does she know that she will travel in time when trying on the clothing she finds.  She is sent back to the Titanic and has to find her way back before it is to late, and then in the second book she is sent back to Paris and meets Marie Antoinette.   She has fun adventures in history.

This is the perfect series for any girl who loves fashion and also has a flair for the exciting time travel.  With tons of colored fashion drawings and great story lines you can do no wrong.  This is the perfect book for any middle school and older reader!  Check them out!

I borrowed these from the public library
ISBN: 978-0-316-10542-2 and 978-0-316-10538-5

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