Monday, April 16, 2012

Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm

Harvey Potter's Balloon Farm By: Jerdine Nolen and Mark Buehner

Harvey Potter grows all sorts of balloons!  Big ones, little ones, ones for Halloween, ones with silly faces, animal face, you name it he grows it!  Everyone in town wonders how he does it!  Wheezle Mayfield even brought out the government hoping to get rid of Harvey and his balloons, but that didn't work.  One night, our narrator sneaks into Harvey Potter's yard to watch how he plants his balloons, and he catches her.  Instead of telling her to go away, he teaches her his secret that she is able to use on her own one day!

I love this book, the illustrations are so cool and tell the story right along with the words. My kids at home love to look at the pictures over and over again, and the kids at school loved it to!  I love the imagination of the authors to come up with a man who grows balloons like everyone else would grow corn!  Just a fantastic book to share with kids!

I borrowed this from the school library.
ISBN:  0-590-63095-4

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