Friday, April 6, 2012

Death By Bikini Mysteries

The Death By Bikini Mysteries By: Linda Gerber
Books in this one:  Death By Bikini, Death By Latte, and Death By Denim

Aphra Connolly lives with her father at an island resort.  She believes her life is pretty dull, as she has no friends hasn't seen a movie in four years.  That is until she meets Seth, who is on her island with his family hiding from The Mole.  The mysteries begin when a resort guest is found dead on the beach and the adventure begins when another mysterious guest arrives and the plot thickens. In the second book Aphra is determined to find her mother, who left her four years ago. When she does though her mother is not happy to see her and is upset that she is interfering with her job.  Aphra feels very upset, but when she learns the truth about what her mother does and again finds herself face to face with Seth things get messy quickly.  In the last book, Aphra is hiding out from The Mole herself.  Her mother and her are undercover in France, but she is being followed and finds out quickly that The Mole knows where she is.  Can they finally escape this nighmare?

All three Books in this one are so much fun to read. I admit they are for young adults, say high school readers, but I loved them. They have just enough mystery and a lot of action.  I like how the main character was a girl and that she had a lot of determination to solve problems, even when she is in danger. I thought that they were quick and easy to read, a perfect spring break book! And, totally clean with no icky things we really don't want our teens to read about! :)

I borrowed this from the public library.
ISBN: 978-0-14-241855-0

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