Friday, April 13, 2012

Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist

Nathaniel Fludd Beastologist By: R. L. LaFevers Illustrated By: Kelly Murphy

Nathaniel Fludd is an orphan who has been living with a care taker for a few years. He finds out that he is going to be sent to live with the only other remaining Fludd family member, his Aunt Phil.  He is scared and nervous.  As soon as they meet they are off on an adventure to find and protect beasts. Nathaniel is learning how to be a beastologist just like all the other members of his family.  He is sad that he is not able to do things quite right but finds that he is good enough to do the job.  

I have only read the first two in this series, but I am in love with them.  I think that they are a great series for about third grade to fifth grade readers. I am reading it aloud to my fourth grade class and they are loving it.  They get frustrated when I cannot read more and more.  I think that the character of Nathaniel is so easy for them to relate to, he is young and has big responsiblities but is unsure of his own strength and intellegence.  Great Great Books.

I don't own any of these books but have been borrowing them from a friend and I cannot wait to get my own copies! :)

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