Saturday, January 31, 2015

All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays  By: Cristin Terrill

Em and Finn are locked in a horrible place, where Em spends her time trying to figure a way out.  Marina is in love with her best friend James, and is trying to find a way to tell him.  She is going to tell him when his older brother is shot, and then Marina, James, and his friend Finn try to find out who is responsible.  Em and Finn have figured out a way to escape, and now must travel back in time to stop the events that lead to all of their destruction.

This book was great!  I loved the time travel aspect, and the suspense of trying to figure it all out. It was interesting to know Marina and Finn in the past and Em and Finn in the future, and how different they are.  I recommend this to any ya fan.

I borrowed this book from the public library
ISBN: 9781423176374 

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