Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. Maxwell's Mouse

Mr. Maxwell's Mouse By: Frank Asch and Devin Asch

This is the story of Mr. Maxwell, the cat, that is excited to go to lunch at his favorite restaurant and eat his favorite meal, a mouse.  Little does he know when he chooses his lunch, a mouse on toast, he will get more than he bargained for.  This mouse is not ready to be eaten, and begins to talk with  Mr. Maxwell. Through many convincing conversation the mouse delays the eating of himself, the mouse convinces the now hesitant Mr. Maxwell to try blindfolding himself to make killing the mouse easier, and then he hops off the table and replaces Mr. Maxwell's tail with himself. Mr. Maxwell does not realize this and then cuts into his own tail.

This book is sort of dark for younger students, so I would say that reading this to kids should start about fourth or fifth grade. The mouse and cat are talking about how to kill the mouse so little ones might be scared.  I love the pictures in this book. They are so much like a photograph it is amazing, they are clear and fit the mood of the book, very dark.   I think it is hysterical how the mouse is able to trick the cat in this book! The end of the book is also very clever and you will have  to read it yourself to know why!

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