Sunday, August 28, 2011

Confidential Communications

Confidential Communications By: J.R. Reardon

Rebecca Lawson is a young attorney who lives in Vermont.  She is just getting her business started and enjoys her job.  She has met and started dating a guy who suddenly disappears.  Her new client Allan Richards seems to be a great prospect for expanding and so she is excited to help out, but something just does not seem right. Things begin to get strange, she is getting notes to stay away from Richards company, she thinks someone is following her, and she really just does not think that Richards is telling the truth.  Rebecca enlists the help of her friend Joshua Tameron, and with his help and many adventures later they solve this world wide conspiracy mystery.

I thought that this was a terrific book.  It was full of mystery, as you have no idea what is really going on with some of the characters.   I thought that the character of Rebecca showed great strength as she was battling with her own instincts in the book and keeping it together. The book kept me on my toes trying to piece the partial information together and figure it out, I am one of those people that likes to plan the ending of books and movies before we get there.  Great thrilling read! I think that any adult reader would love this book.

I purchased this book on  ISBN:1436335884
AND Tara is related to this author so it is kinda fun!!
AND  There is a sequel to the book entitled Dishonored that I am planning on purchasing.

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