Saturday, September 7, 2013


Airman By: Eoin Colfer

Conor Broekhart was born in a hot air balloon so it is no doubt that he longs to leave the Earth and fly.  He grows up in the castle playing and having adventures with the princess, and getting lessons from the King's right hand man in fighting and the idea of flight.  When Conor is wandering the castle one night he sees something that changes his life forever.  He sees the murder of the King!  The King's murderer knows that Conor has seen him, so he sends Conor to the prison diamond mine.  Conor spends many years there, and has one friend.  While he is the Conor never gives up hope of flight, and has a lot of time to plan his escape.

I thought that this book was great. It had a lot of love, deceit, and hope.  I liked the main character Conor, his struggles made him a stronger person, but also did not allow him to give up easily.  I also thought that it was nice in the book that Conor had many older men in his life to give him advice and to help him on his way, that is important for young men, to have an older person to lead them and guide them.  Again, Great Teen Read!

When looking for a picture of the cover of the book, I found this picture.  This is a picture that I think captures the main character, Conor, so well, and it's a pretty cool one!

I borrowed this from the public library
ISBN: 978-142310751-4

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